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About Yumeiho Therapy

Yumeiho® is a therapeutic method based on manual actions performed on the entire human body for maintaining or improving health; it includes about 100 maneuvers performed on the entire patient’s body.

It is also known as the “method of correcting hip bones, massage and acupressure” or “Saionji Oriental Special Massage”, but the original name is “Yumeiho Therapy”.

The Yumeiho® therapy consists of the methodical application of a complex set of manual procedures and physical exercises meant to restore the functional balance of the human organism. Thus, a diverse range of disorders that may cause both acute and chronic diseases is eliminated or ameliorated.

Although Yumeiho® is a method designed to be mainly preventively applied, it is still called „therapy” due to the fact its main purpose is treating or reducing the causes of functional disorders which, in time, may result in chronic sufferings.

Also, the Yumeiho® therapy can be applied in order to prevent or to slow down the progress of already existing sufferings.

The manual therapeutic procedures, applied to prophylactic or corrective purposes within the Yumeiho therapy, consist of: osteoarticular manipulation techniques and passive myo-articular gym; point therapy procedures (virtually similar to those used in acupressure and reflexotherapy); special massage techniques and procedures; stretching elements (stretches, elongations); correction and balancing methods of posture, walking and rest positions; optimization exercises of the biomechanics of the locomotor system.

The physical exercises practiced within the Yumeiho® therapy consist of special gymnastic called YUMEIHO® TAISO, accompanied by breathing techniques, relaxation methods etc.

/Sorin Iga ( 6-th dan of Yumeiho Therapy, The Head of Yumeiho Therapy in Romania )/

In 2003, Mr. Maciej Dluski finished work on its prevention system allows for the prevention of the formation of scoliosis in children. This system has been approved by Mr. Saionji Masayuki , who gave it the official name: Yumeiho Yobouigaku Taikei® ( Yumeiho Preventive System).

/Maciej Dluski ( 7-th dan of Yumeiho Therapy, The Head of Yumeiho Therapy in Poland )/

Centre in Japan

Yumeiho Center in Japan is now in Nagoya City. Meeting Center is in Tokyo, Kita Urawa City or Mobara City.

Chief Executive:   Mr. Hisayuki Ozaki
Secretary:   Mr. Nagasada Hosoya
Treasuer:    Mr. Sachio Watanabe
E-mail to Yumeiho Center ( only in japanese ):  [email protected]
Official web site: www.yumeiho.jp

EUROPE Yumeiho Head Quarter

European Yumeiho Head Quarter is in Rzeszow City ( Poland )

Chief Executive:   PhD Maciej Dluski 7th Dan ( The right to sign contracts with teachers on behalf of the Yumeiho Centre in Japan) 
E-mail: [email protected]   ( English, German, Japanese, Polish, Esperanto, Russian)
Official web site: www.yumeiho.eu

Maciej Dluski

Coordinator/Supervisor for Albania, Bosna and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia,Slovenia, Turkey.
Mr Sorin Iga 6th Dan (Official Representative for Romania)
E-mail: [email protected]  (English, Romanian, Bulgarian, Esperanto)

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