Yumeiho news

Yumeiho news

The news from Ronin…

► Welcome new Representative in Estonia, MTÜ YUMEIHO ESTONIA with President Mrs. Ene Mõttus

Welcome new Representative in Finland, Mr Timo Partanen

Overview of the 7th Yumeiho World Meeting 2023

1. Eligibility for participation: 5-Dan candidate, 5-Dan or higher Yumeiho teacher and his/her partner.

2. Date: April 23th (Sun) -26th (Wed), 2023 (3 nights and 4 days)

3. Location: National lodging “Sunrise Kujukuri”

4. Meeting place: Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit (April 23)

(Move to the venue by chartered bus)

5. Dissolution location: Tokyo Station (April 26)

6. Application deadline: End of December 2022

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